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Inspired by an obscure view of the world and human behavior in particular. Nothing on this site is meant to offend anyone though the lack of political correctness is VERY MUCH intentional. What have we become, a bunch of whiners who get OFFENDED by everything or become OUTRAGED too easily? Much of what you will find here is sarcastic mockery of this ridiculous "baby me" culture because it is really annoying. So, don't get offended, just have a little fun and laugh a bit. But laugh. Laugh and enjoy yourself. Laugh, smile, share, and laugh some more. It's good for you, according to science.

This web page utilizes print-on-demand sites for the logistical ease of use and betterment for all. The designs, artwork and ideas are created here at BOLD Humor. A print-on-demand site will turn our ideas into your favorite stuff and keep the prices lower for us all.We hope you find something you love and love us in return. Share your twisted perspective with the world. 
The inspiration The inspiration The inspiration


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